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Oderus Urungus the Myth

 "Oderus Urungus the Myth" I sculpted this piece for a very special memorial art show run by Martina & Frank Russo of MF Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. They were really close friends with him and had put together and amazing show of work in memory of Dave Brockie. Dave Brockie was one of the… Continue reading Oderus Urungus the Myth

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Embry Blue’s Winter & New Spring Update 2014

The Blueness~ I had left my blog absent for 4 months! Eeee... I am coming back around to my creations, having the ability to bring new beings from my mind into a 3-d reality is truly my calling in life, and when I don’t do it. I feel as though there is something missing inside… Continue reading Embry Blue’s Winter & New Spring Update 2014