∆ Orphaned Ghost Children on the way.. ∆

∆  Hi. These past few months have been life changing, and very very difficult to get through. After my friends passing I just haven’t been able to get back to life. But I’m getting back to work and really look forward to making my life fun, happy, productive.  I know he is in another place, and his spirit lives on. The dolls I am working on now, I’m picking up from the day I found out about my friend. I was working on their faces the time of his passing, and haven’t been able to get back to work on them. ∆

Embry Blue∆  Yesterday and today I started. Ghost Orphan Children. These children are excited to live with the living, they are soo cute and enduring. Faces are sculpted with Polymer clay. For these ones I’m trying a whole new technique. Let’s see how it goes! ∆Ghost Dolls01Embry Blue

JD Doll Hair

Punching hair into clay

crazy blueI have fastened a scalp hair puncher for the placement of hair into the fleshy sculpey. Punching hair into the scalp of sir Davis is no easy nor fast technique.   I am a little concerned with baking the hair. But we humans do all kinds of shit to our hair, so I believe the hair can really take a beating. I’m lucky enough to have been given 3 sets of hair from haircuts, during my stay here in Arkansas. And have acquired more than a sufficient amount of hair. Ewww, well when it comes down to it – I feel pretty good about using real hair, at least you know what you are dealing with. And now into dreading this hair, oooh I know I make it soo easy for myself. Don’t I?