OOAK dolls

EVA Pomun Numina…the making of

  Why hello. Eva Pomun is an offshoot from my previous work where I had installed a life-size Eva Witch in a Witch/Crystal store window on Sunset Boulevard in the year 2012. I have unfinished business with that Witch so, I decided to reconcile my feelings about losing her and other art pieces to a Witch by creating her in another form. The original Eva had been created in a Secret Hollywood Bunglaow in Autumn of 2012. This Eva here had been created in the comfort of my own home in Brooklyn during the summer of 2017.

Here is my process of this particular creation in picture form…. Towards the end, I make myself into Eva as well.







You can now find her in Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California.

And you can find me in Hollywood, California.




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