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Get on Board . Why you are involved with Standing Rock. And you don’t even know it!

me-and-jan-svankmejerLet me first mention everything you read here is by my own experience with being Native and information i have learned and gathered on this subject. I feel the need to write about this, so you all can get on board! This involves ALL of US!

A brief background of me –

I am an artist living in New York, living day to day on my values and hard work in the arts as I freelance as a makeup artist and sculptor. I am 33 years old, I come from California of Chumash ancestry from my Mother’s side and Apache from my ‘fathers’ side. I did not grow up with any parents so, I can say I did not learn anything from them. All I know is from my Grandmother and my own efforts of trying to reconnect. There is truly a deep depression that runs in our bloodline and I feel that. But I am going to be the one to change that. By learning, reconnecting and having hope for a better future for our planet and humanity. 

I’m going to write this out, the same way I would have a conversation with you to get the need to know details without knowing anything about Native American/American Indian culture nor about what is currently happening.

This is so important because on DECEMBER 5th, there will be a major situation going down and I want you all to be informed.


International Indigenous Youth Council

Ladonna Brave Bull Allard – Sacred Stone Camp

Dallas Goldtooth – Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous People’s Power Project

David Archambault – Tribal Chairman-

“One of the most important things you can do, if you can’t be here. Is to pray. Send your prayers, whatever that looks like to you. You can pitch in. By going to . . These are places that people can go to, to get updated information. .  Follow and share the reality of what is happening and not the propaganda that continues to be perpetuated by the Morton County Sheriff’s department. …” – Kandi Mossett

Why am I so adamant on this event. STANDING ROCK?


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Well, everything that has been happening with Standing Rock  has led me into tears so I know it is changing me and pushing me to do something now. Because hey, no one is going to do it. We have to do it for ourselves.

Now what is Standing Rock?

Is a Native American reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States. It is now also a word to describe a historic movement in  Indigenous and environmental life on this planet.

What is a Reservation? – A legally designated area for the Native Americans to live on. (officially Prisoner of Wars Camps on government records.)

Standing Rock is the Great Sioux Reservation which according to the  “Treaty of Fort Laramie” 1868 included ALL of South Dakota West of the Missouri River, The Black Hills, The Missouri River, South of the Republican & Platte Rivers and East to Big Horn Mountains. more info here…


in 1877 The US Government discovered gold in the Black Hills and took that away that land without permissions. In 1980 the US Supreme Court’s

MR. JUSTICE BLACKMUN delivered the opinion of the Court.

“This case concerns the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Great Sioux Reservation, and a colorful, and in many respects tragic, chapter in the history of the Nation’s West. Although the litigation comes down to a claim of interest since 1877 on an award of over $17 million, it is necessary, in order to understand the controversy, to review at some length the chronology of the case and its factual setting.”

( case of a hit and run on Pine ridge reservation which brings in use the Treaty of Fort Laramie. )

What is a Treaty?

is any legally binding agreement between nations. Major contracts between states, armies, governments, and tribal groups.

Think of your apartment. The Government is your landlord and your lease is the treaty. Your lease says you have rights to be inside that one apartment. One day the landlord comes and takes away your bathroom, and then your kitchen, and then tells you to move farther away and in a much smaller apartment. This is what has happened to the first people on this continent. They kept getting moved, and pushed and rounded up into what now is a reservation.

Of course this is a simple analogy. Since Natives did not believe in owning property to begin with. You can not own your mother. Why would you own the land you are standing on? The water you drink, or the air you breath? The Native nations signed, because they had no choice – it was the only way to protect the land.

Why is the Treaty of Fort Laramie such a big deal right now?

If the Sioux Nation can get their original treaty re-instated by the Government. The land the Army Corps has control over would no longer be in their hands. Hence NO PIPELINE.

Why don’t the Sioux have the legal right to stop DAPL?

As mentioned above in the Treaty debacle, they no longer have rights to the particular area in which they are digging. Although, the Sioux have Sacred burial grounds in area in which DAPL are digging and doing construction. The Sioux have been on that land for the past 300,000 years. Ladonna Brave Bull Allard started the Sacred Stone Camp. Her son is buried where they dug up the land earlier this year in April. She had to do something.

Why does this concern you?

If you don’t stand up for this, the Government is basically able to sell you and your rights! As is shown with current affairs that have occurred within this past year alone.

If this pipeline goes through ALL – 17 million people who live downstream of the MISSOURI river will face contaminated water such has occurred in FLINT Michigan. Which includes; MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, NEBRASKA, IOWA, MONTANA AND KANSAS, not to mention everyone downstream of the MISSISSIPPI river.

We are all made of water, without water we will not survive. The movement is to take a stand against corruption and stop the contamination of our planet for us and future generations.

Why hasn’t the local news channels mentioned this?

If you knew about this, it would not be in their best interest. (corporations)

What can you do?

You do what you can, with what you know, from where your are.

• Get the word out

• Donate

Clothing – Local drop off of Winter Clothing in Greenpoint Brooklyn

• Make Art/Music

• Be Aware/ Be Awake

• Join the DIVEST movement. Take your money out of big banks. #BANKEXIT  (Big banks are investing your money into projects like these. This particular pipeline is backed by All major banks; JP Chase Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, etc. ) Join a Federal Credit Union that suits your needs.

The company behind this project is

Energy Transfer Partners. The project is The Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sign this petition…


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