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Emil Melmoth

Today is the last day this exhibit is up for viewing! I had the wonderful opportunity to view this show on opening day. This is one not to miss.     Time and time again. Last Rites Tattoo Gallery has the best curation of art from the real working artists of our time. Truly there is… Continue reading Emil Melmoth

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Blue Loves Grandma Petra

  The Importance of Grandma Petra. (Petra translatation=Hard Rock) Strong Tough Resilent Caring Cake! Her love transcends. Caring for all that are near and dear is her number one duty. On call, on hand for all. How many cakes has she created? There is no joy in her life like making a cake for a… Continue reading Blue Loves Grandma Petra

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Now that summer is here. How about let’s not….CULTURAL APPROPRIATION…

Hello dearest ones. This evening, I would like to share my view on what is happening in my world at the moment. I am dealing with cultural appropriation, smack in the face! Some of you, may or may not know I have a day job- which is working at a very global and popular makeup… Continue reading Now that summer is here. How about let’s not….CULTURAL APPROPRIATION…

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Thanksgiving / Thanks taking. What are we really celebrating? Ok. Here we again on this festive day, every year this occurs. Every year families gather to enjoy each other’s company. I really enjoy the fact that people make a point to get together, I just wish it wasn’t on the day of “Thanksgiving.” The word… Continue reading Thanksgiving THE NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING