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Meeting Guillermo del Toro & Doug Jones <3

Meeting Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones was that moment in my life where time stood still and I could not be anywhere, but still in that moment. As if I were meeting for the first time, a living being from the planet that I felt home to. It is in these moments that I… Continue reading Meeting Guillermo del Toro & Doug Jones ❤

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Emil Melmoth

Today is the last day this exhibit is up for viewing! I had the wonderful opportunity to view this show on opening day. This is one not to miss.     Time and time again. Last Rites Tattoo Gallery has the best curation of art from the real working artists of our time. Truly there is… Continue reading Emil Melmoth

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Blue Loves Grandma Petra

  The Importance of Grandma Petra. (Petra translatation=Hard Rock) Strong Tough Resilent Caring Cake! Her love transcends. Caring for all that are near and dear is her number one duty. On call, on hand for all. How many cakes has she created? There is no joy in her life like making a cake for a… Continue reading Blue Loves Grandma Petra

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October’s Sigil – Never Doll

This never doll had been completed in the midst of MAC work, arranging Halloween Week Makeup clients, doing Halloween applications, and setting up to vend my artwork for Halloween night! I decided I should still post this even though it is from October! Amazing October! So much fury, passion, work, and progress. This work starts… Continue reading October’s Sigil – Never Doll

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R.I.P “James Blackthorn Bentley” September 5th 1976 – July 22nd 2013 : My Eulogy to Jim

    It is with great sadness in my heart as I write this. It still hasn't fully come down on me that Jim, Jim! Is dead...I am completely shocked. I heard the news on the morning of July 23rd. The skies here in Arkansas were darkening. I couldn't believe it. As the news and details… Continue reading R.I.P “James Blackthorn Bentley” September 5th 1976 – July 22nd 2013 : My Eulogy to Jim

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RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012

"Stalking Cat" So sad to hear of Dennis Anver's passing. I am always moved by someone who has the courage to full heartedly put their lives into what they believe in. I truly believe all people should follow their highest passion, in finding themselves and living it. He was an example of that. After all,… Continue reading RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012