Meeting Guillermo del Toro & Doug Jones <3

Meeting Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones was that moment in my life where time stood still and I could not be anywhere, but still in that moment. As if I were meeting for the first time, a living being from the planet that I felt home to. It is in these moments that I remember why I am continuing to strive for the life I want. A place where creation is fluid and there are no restraints to the imagination. A place where there are no fluorescent lights evaporating the vision into a distant dreamlike memory. Am I crazy, yes most certainly. Am I deluded in thinking I can live the Art Life? Well, when there is nothing else to believe in – yes. I have realized that my most sincere thoughts as a child were.. why am I alive? why does any of this exist? I’d rather be sleeping, there is so much more going on there. To my adult life, realizing that I can pull from those visions and make them come to this life and this is why I am alive. How does that have anything to do with these two beautiful creatures. Everything. They are doing it, they are living the art life and creating other worlds. So you can imagine, how important it was for me to finally meet them.


Pan’s Labyrinth is the film that brought me to the possibilities of making this life I desire possible. This film had struck so many cords within my own psyche, I could not turn away. I appreciated the brutal reality he kept in this fantasy, not leaving out the disgusting nature of humans. The delicate detail and beauty in every scene. The connection I had with the girl alone in a circumstance in which she had to meet multiple challenges but continued to believe the truths she held so deeply. Over course at the end, I was destroyed and elated that she ended her journey through death into the realm she belonged. From then on, I was hooked to both Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones. 


One day around 2am whilst almost falling a slumber, I had a feeling I should check Guillermo’s twitter. Strange? Well, I was aware he was doing work for the release of his new film and I wanted to know all about it. Through this, I found out he was announcing he would be doing a Q & A with the cast at the first showing of his new film “The Shape of Water” at the Lincoln Center in New York. Of course, I bought a ticket immediately. I had no idea if I could make it, but it happened and I did.

I was delirious, as is the case in doing anything extra in New York. I wanted to gift himimg_0669 something, so I grabbed my prototype doll I had been workshopping over the past year. It was the “Neptunian,” a being from the planet Neptune where nothing but ether exists. The Neptunian is made from clay, marbles and Grace’s whimsy golden locks adhered to a wooden plaque. I felt it had the closest connection to Guillermo, it was an honor to bestow it upon him.

What can I say about The Shape of Water? Every scene had such rich color tones and dreamlike sequences, of course, I would fall in love with it. The visual poetry in motion that is this film. I don’t know why people have to be so literal and judgemental before giving it a chance. But hey, it won best film of 2018 – so take that!


And again, characters I could emotionally relate to. Elisa’s life without speech, I know sow_trailerb_prores_1080p-mov-00_01_25_05-still00183exactly what that is like and how the world relates to it. The imprisoned sea creature anomaly, being something that no one can relate to or even see. Living in a world that isn’t right. If only one could relate to others by vibration and emotive seeing without judgment. To fall in love with someone for who they are beyond their skins. Over course again, another bravo Mr. Del Toro and Mr. Jones.

After having seen this beautiful film, I was aghast as to how I was going to gift him, my creature. It was a Q & A, so I thought I’d take my chances and make a fool of myself and ask a question and then gift it? eeek. nope. Didn’t happen. What an unbelievable moment it was to just see this film with all the characters delivering such memorable scenes, and then to see every single one of them come through the door right away was magic. At the end of the Q & A, they all came down the aisle I was seated in. As he came forward in slow motion, with fans all around him clamoring for autographs, I said: “Mr. Del Toro, I have a gift for you!” He turned straight towards me directly grabbed it from my hand in slow motion and held it up to his chest, as if hugging it. And said, “oooh for me.. I’ll take it! Gracias!” Then gave me a hug, a cashmere Teddy bear! xo

ooooo and Mr. Doug Jones xoxo


“The Shape of Water”Doug-Jones1

“Hocus Pocus”giphy doug.gif

“Crimson Peak”Crimson-Peak

and so so many more creatures and characters. The unsung talent of the widest variety of creatures. It is just unbelievable how much he completely dissolves into each and every one of his performances with equal natural emotive abilities.

Dark Delicacies in Burbank, one of my favorite shops, img_0670was having a Doug Jones Funko Toy signing! EEEee, I am fairly certain that I rambled on about his characters and how he has inspired me in my journey to SFX creature makeup and character design. He was, of course, patient and obliging. I gave him my very old/new version of the Lady zombie design I created in 2010 and redesigned this year. As a resin cast painted in red, of course in salute to Crimson Peak.  




I choose FAUNO. xxxxxxx

I love their relationship, I can not wait for more.!

How cute is this….





Embry Blue


Emil Melmoth

Today is the last day this exhibit is up for viewing! I had the wonderful opportunity to view this show on opening day. This is one not to miss. 

Time and time again. Last Rites Tattoo Gallery has the best curation of art from the real working artists of our time. Truly there is no other. If you are lucky enough to be in the neighborhood of the Garment District of NYC. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. 

And pay this gallery a visit today. 
They close at 9pm. 

325 W 38th st. , New York, NY 10018
Sept 9th – today . 
This show will come down. 
Of course another exhibit will go up.
Emil Melmoth, I am in awe of you. So humble and talented- truly a brilliant artist. Paul Booth and Casey, thank you for keeping New York worthwhile. 
I have so many things to say but I am of course with no time but my little moments in the day while eating a sandwich. I had to at least post the pictures I took from opening day. There is so much going on the world. I know.- and of course I am probably too depressed most of the time. .. but I want to keep what brings fire and life into my reality – art and art alike. Creation and creativity. This reminds me, why I want to live. To create and wake up for another day. And seeking and interacting with art like this reminds me of the reason why. Whats the point of it all. …… this thing called life.
 I hope you enjoy these and look up this artist and the gallery. Truly, worthy of notice and reverence. The textures and vibrant decay is beyond any ability to absorb its reality in this dimension.


Signing off, 
Embry Blue  


Blue Loves Grandma Petra



The Importance of Grandma Petra. (Petra translatation=Hard Rock)


Her love transcends. Caring for all that are near and dear is her number one duty. On call, on hand for all. How many cakes has she created? There is no joy in her life like making a cake for a celebration and creating a party. She has enormous love and graceful skills in large gatherings.


I can only speak of my own life experience with her. She has been the guiding light in my childhood. It is safe to say without her & my grandfather -my brother and I would have been lost in the system. I don’t know how many other children she has raised. But my brother and I are definatley on that list. With her care and life lessons I have learned to also be resilent, honest, and hardworking. In most of what I tread in life, I think of her. Am I doing all that I can? Am I being lazy? “In her words, there is no such thing as being bored! Let me show you, what you can do….”

The abbey

Maybe this is going too deep and too new agey. But this is my safe space for words. But in my intuition and meditation, I feel like she has been in my previous lives. Perhaps in the last one we worked in an Abbey together. She has serious inclinations towards Nun habits. Dedication to serving others, minimalism and hard work. Delicate embrace and understanding of others. And she is just so darn cute and caring.


My heart is healing since I was last able to see her. Finding out she was in the hospital, was shocking. But it shouldn’t be, right? For anyone who is 79 years old, you would expect as much. But for her it was. Well, because I have never seen her lying in bed. I do not recall her ever being in the hospital! And she is my mother in a way. I am so happy that I could spend her 80th birthday with her. She had just woken up 1 day before. Previous to that she was on life support. The physical therapist that was moving her body, asked her if she wanted one thing for her birthday what would it be. She replied, “To make sure everyone is happy.”

IMG_8660I had to jump on a plane and try to get by her side while this was happening. I would not be able to move on with my life, if I did not try and be there. Well, because I can’t really afford to make a trip I had to come up with a way to help fund my travel. And that is where the gofund me campaign came in.
















Grandma Petra has been a big supporter of my artwork. Since I was little drawing on everything, building things with her and learning to cook with her.

IMG_8584For her birthday in n 2013, I gifted her an American Indian Artpiece. There is nothing she loves more than spending time with family and sharing food.

Grandma Petra

Native Peace
Native Peace

This campaign is a way for people to commission me to make dolls. I have succeeded in traveling down there. With that money and my aunt giving the family a space to crash I was able to stay a few days. Everyday that I saw her she was getting better and better. The life support came off, she began recovering. In about a week she recovered as much to be moved to a rehabiliton recovery center. Which I think was really fast for what her body was going through. Now we take everyday into the next.

Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. New Dollies coming up! If anyone would like me to make some for you, can can still select the options on the campaign.


(Artwork will be available by September)




In closing I will say that I am so happy that I could be there for her recovery. She is still in need of a long rehabilitation, but we are no longer in the grey area. What would you do for someone that made a significant difference in your life? What wouldn’t you do?

Just for the heck of it and the love of my Grandma, here is an embarrassing picture of me with my brother Mark.



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The Kindly Ones 

July 11th 2015   Buck Moon 

“Shadow of My Name” Menton3

Profound and the utter most brilliant channeled artwork I have ever seen was “The Kindly Ones” exhibit, this past weekend at Last Rites Tattoo Gallery. There are really no words to describe this pairing of artwork by this incredible collective of artists – known as ‘David Stoupakis & Menton3.’ I can’t pick one favorite or even two or three. I think each person will come up with their own feelings and interpretations. Describing what you see in paintings is like trying to explain your dreams. Really will anyone truly understand what it is you are trying to translate from a foggy mystical visual space where thoughts change the scene, into the earthly language we come to understand? I don’t think so.  

“Mother” David Stoupakis 2015

“Fortune Teller” David Stoupakis 2015

 David’s paintings hold a sincere and delicate beauty that bath in sheer veils of everlasting dark pearlescence. Textures pop into hands, begging for a lasting touch. “Fortune Teller,” takes my breath away. Am I looking into the other realm here? I will gladly accept and step into this world.


“After the Storm” David Stoupakis

Stand & wait for the cold static air to brush you into the waves of quiet chaos. Wishful levitation keeps you traveling deeper and deeper into the blissful grey. 

“Valhalla” David Stoupakis 2015

Furies hold penetrating contempt in nothing but serenity.  Look into her eyes. Translucent red veils. Phosphorescent red flame. Vibrating passionate “Valhalla.”

“From Blood to Ash” David Stoupakis 2015
“Depths of Shallow Water” David Stoupakis 2015


“A Justification” Menton3 2015
All of the most secret and sacred moments in adventure, journey and discovery brings these images to the threshold. Outside of the everyday rigorous world there in lies a world of truth and beauty. From the moment I viewed Menton3’s paintings I was hooked. 
“An Evocation” Menton3 2015

So of course I would come to the opening of “The Kindly Ones,” featuring two of my absolute favorite artists of our time in my opinion. In Menton3’s Fury paintings I see more of the in between feminine creatures. The presence of these figures reminds me of deities visitations through the dream realm. Ephermeal Pulsating with a common thread of justice.

“What Have You Done” Menton3 2015
“An Age of Man” Menton3 2015


“Brimstone of an Ash Nymphe” Menton3 2015
“Tisiphone” Menton3 2015
“Gaia” Menton3 2015
“Flood of Rubies” Menton3 2015


This exhibit is still on display, if you live in New York. Please take time to go see this in person. in New York and did not see this gallery exhibit at Last Rites, then you are crazy. 

What does it matter to be dead or alive?

Joel-Peter Witkin


Where do I come from? How did I get here? I am at present time working in New York City as a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics at the #1 MAC in the world, I am also balancing my artistic pursuits in creating one of a kind art dolls for the desecerning client. I am blessed to have the life I have now and I am working on building that life. Everything I have done, everything I have accomplished I did it with my own ambition and passion. On my own, absolutely no family help or encouragement.

My journey has been long and great. I’m 31 years old I do not feel my age, for one because at this age in society, it is defined as having a family and career yada yada. I’m redefining that idea into – I am 31 rings old! Meaning I have 31 years of rings on my body like a tree. What is age anyway but a meter on experience, with every year more is learned. I actually have this strong memory of when I was around 8 rings old, and I would stare up into the sky in the back of a car that I was traveling in Los Angeles and think to myself what is the meaning of life. Why do people do anything? What does it matter if we are dead or alive?. And then I thought to myself, well I am ready to die so I will know what the meaning behind all of this is. There must be a reason, a purpose? Well, I remember feeling and knowing in my gut that when we die we will instinctively know the why and hows of it all!. That we will not need to ask anyone but we will in fact just KNOW. Because we already knew, but forgot when we started life on this planet. There I was –  as a gloomy little mute child. Never spoke a word to anyone until I was well into high school. Children thought I didn’t know english, and I would just ignore them.

Picture 20
Imogen Heap in “My Secret Friend” IAMX

In a way I believe I have always felt old. I choose to strongly observe the worlds around me, rather than be a part of them. I did not see a reason to participate. I thought everything was ridiculous and people did not make any sense, people are cruel, crazy and unkind. Through my years as an artist journeying through self discovery and getting past negative childhood memories and attachments. We all have these in one form or another, no matter what we are born into it is up to us to grow from it and not let it define who you are! You make who you are. You make your own choices, you choose your own path. Letting go of these negative clouds is soo important. I’ve seen these clouds consume and define lives and it is just not right! There is so much potential. It really breaks my heart.

We all come from somewhere, we all meet one another and inspire one another. Altough we don’t see it at the time, each one of us has an incredible effect on each other. If this one person hadn’t exposed me to this, taught me this, shown me this, experienced this with me, opened my perspectives we would not be here now. Our interests would have become stale, uninspired. This is one reason I absolutely advocate people to change their routines, move somewhere experience something new. I absolutely can not stand strong small minded opinions with no background. Dear this is what most people in small towns are like, I guess this is why I’ve always stayed in cities. What am I getting at?

webcam-toy-photo69I’ve decided to make this blog a real thing, and share some intimate details on my mind and what ideals and beliefs make the kind of artwork I make. I know a lot of people ask me why so creepy? Well, why not – and I believe most people are too rigid in their minds and when confronted with something that isn’t comfortable that they don’t understand. I don’t intend for my work to be creepy, dark and weird. It just happens. My life has touched me in a way where I can not make art that is pleasant. My work is real, every stitch, stroke, shape is from a real place. There is life in my hands, and in my work. I believe this world is so much more manageable when you open your mind to all the realities we are living in, and to open that window/ doorway. In the embedded matrix of time and space, we are meant to transform and change through every moment from one into another and another and another. Just as fractals do in nature and the sacred art of the world.
Signing off –


Embry Blue

an introspective Sunday.

Sketching Sundays Aug 3

Ropars Sketch
Warm up sketching to Virgine Ropars.

Why am I so impatient with the art process! I am trying to catch up with what I want it to look like instead of focusing on now and how to make it more perfect. Drawing two steps ahead, grrr.. I am stunned at how 100% of Virgine Ropars creations are 100% real in texture, membranes and hair follicles! How how how! Wow. Sketching her doll now to warm up for my latest creation. I have blue cat eyes, which completely transformed the original sculpt into let’s say something in more salacious forest like proportions..Well let’s see how this comes out. I’ll post about it when it’s done?

Ropar Close Up Sketch Aug 3

embry blue sketch to Virgine Ropars

Summer Days With Coo

KidsZone_Coo_CoverWhat an absolutely beautiful and moving animated film. My heart broke so many times through out this film. I could not believe how stressed I was to watch this creature go through so much human bullshit. Coo is the main character and he is a Kappa, which is a swamp river creature. He is so beautiful, delicate, smart and just so well done. The smartest creature I’ve ever seen on film, so very real. Ahhh, right from the beginning his father gets murdered in front of him. An earthquake comes along and traps the little  “Coo” into the earth. Centuries later a little boy finds him as a stone, and there he is. Aww, man I really felt for this creature the whole time. All he want to do was find his kind and find his home.

Picture 9Eventually he finds out what happened to his kind, of course murdered by humans. So, throughout this film he goes through adjustments and heartbreaking realizations.

Larry-6 700x950
“Larry the Alien from Arkansas” – Embry Blue 2013

I can really relate to him on so many levels. I felt like he was someone I already knew. I am very inspired to make a creature like him. Larry the Alien is like Coo to me. Made of the nature around him, weird looking but so harmless.

I appreciated the way the director expressed Coo’s perspective on humans.. In a way to show the viewer how the rest of the world might view humans. The ancient spirits, the animals, nature, these forces exist and co-exist – but humans separate themselves from the experience. As if to not believe they share a space. So throughout the film Coo is perplexed by the behavior of humans. Coo has in depth conversations with the family dog using telepathy. The general public finds him, wants to see him, expose him, etc. etc. Until he just wants to kill himself. 😦

I highly recommend this film, it will rip your heart out. So beautifully done. Summerdays_with_Coo river

Picture 13Picture 14Picture 11

R.I.P “James Blackthorn Bentley” September 5th 1976 – July 22nd 2013 : My Eulogy to Jim

Image    It is with great sadness in my heart as I write this. It still hasn’t fully come down on me that Jim, Jim! Is dead…I am completely shocked. I heard the news on the morning of July 23rd. The skies here in Arkansas were darkening. I couldn’t believe it. As the news and details came in,

“The sky became cloaked in the darkest grey clouds I have seen.                                                                                                  The storms rolled in. It  became the longest day of lighting and thunder rolling off the deep woods into the late night. One point in the day the clouds opened up and with a tiny light shining through, the light was filtered muddy as if all things lay inside a dream. The sky grey and red, all that was reflected  soft and grey. I thought Jim must have been there. I can’t express the emptiness and guilt that came with that day.”

Jim was funny, loving, nuturing, crazy, inspiring, brilliant, an engineering genius and weirdo –  and we all loved him so much. He was one of the most geniuine and sincere as a person could be. He had something so special – he truly was himself and could see right through every person to find their real self.    He was    –   selfless and cared so much about other people he would always go out of the way to do what was right for them. He showed me and Rabbits  great kindness.. .

Martini glass stuck in the wall at XPO. .
photo: Andy Mecca

It was only last summer that our XPO crew was melting away in the Fort, planning the events and business challenges at XPO with Game of Thrones playing on  loop in the background at the Fort. These past 2 years we worked hard, partied hard, struggled and built together with Jim and the crew. One solid group of friends/misfits/freaks- Jonny Aquadora, Jim Bentley, Johnny Madison (Rabbits), Lulu Cipher, and myself Embry Blue (the Blue Witch), and later on Michael Ban or as Jim called him “Chimmey Chow!.” Last summer we’d party with Jim, laugh at his crazy stunts and work side by side with him. Like the  many times he broke glasses at the bar. The martini glass in the wall- Of course – Only Jim. He had a sincere gentle heart, he loved and cared for people – I can’t say that enough. A true rarity in today’s world. He hurt and felt the pain of others, had a sense of justice & truth. He worked hard and had pride in accomplishing the impossible. Night after night daybreak after daybreak. We’d be in the basement climbing through rumble and grime and always felt a sense of duty. 

Jim on top of the bar that he built with Jonny Aquadora & Rabbits. With the silver mannequins I lugged over from Queens that day for the bar. photo: Embry Blue

My experience with Jim was through Party Xpo. I know a lot of people have a love hate relationship with this place, as do I. But this is the place all of us really became a supernatural pirate ship, —————sailing away night after night.

we played this song night after night. before the xpo shows. gearing up for the bands after working together all day to get the space ready for them…

jimPicture 15

Jim had put in a tremendous amount of work at Xpo. Building constantly, improving the sound quality, making sure all the bands were taken care of loading them in hanging out with the bands downstairs. Just truly loving the community. I’m sure all can attest to his sincerity and lust for life just to be with you at that moment. I’m sorry Jim! I’m Sorry Jim! I’m Sorry Jim. I”m sorry I’m Sorry. I”m sorry  im sorry im sorry.  . I wished we would have stayed . …….

this song we play almost every night at XPO while beat, warped, and heading out . singing along with each other every night. No matter what , it always felt like we where there for each other.  . . no matter what all the dramas where… we where all still glad to be with each other. . . 

My heart beats out of my chest as I write this, and can’t help to break down and cry every time I continue to write this. I know I must say something, I was not able to say anything at his funeral memorial – I just couldn’t bear it – but I  need to say something  – his life was precious – and I know – he was precious – I know – I know . Time is still not enough to make this any easier.  His Birthday was yesterday, . I was in NY with the ones who where with him the last days., this is and was the worst thing to deal with. How does one prepare to face such a tragic and guilty circumstance. If If If IF If iF if fifiififiifififi.

is all we are able to think about.  he needed us and didn’t want to say because selfish is just not jim. and we know it.

I lived with him and he was the best person to live with. He felt others before he could feel himself. He hated the world and what it did to people. I loved how he just wanted to “hang out” just to be with you. He wanted to work and make others happy.  I loved Jim, you can never know a person like him .  I wish I would have expressed my appreciation of him. I know Rabbits did, I ‘m just not the sort of person to say things like that. —-Through this I realize how important it is to tell people how much you love and appreciate them. You never know what they are going through. They will never tell you. Just tell them you love them. 😦

They will never tell you. they will never tell you . . .

this is still hard to understand and deal with  😦

RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012

Dennis Anver 1

“Stalking Cat”

So sad to hear of Dennis Anver’s passing. I am always moved by someone who has the courage to full heartedly put their lives into what they believe in. I truly believe all people should follow their highest passion, in finding themselves and living it. He was an example of that. After all, the most important things are what makes you feel yourself and gives you a place in the spectrum of mediocrity that surrounds us. .

Dennis Avner, who was of Lakota and Huron heritage, was famous for having changed his appearance with tattoos, implants, and surgeries and other accessories that included contact lenses, custom-made teeth, and false whiskers. He also was known to wear a large prosthetic tail.

His reason for such extreme modifications, he said, was a Native tradition. According to Shannon Larratt, Avner “identified strongly with his feline totem animals and in what he told me was a Huron traditional of actually adopting the physical form of ones totem, he transformed himself not just into a tiger, but a female tiger at that.” Avner’s formal totem-derived name was “Stalking Cat,” although his friends called him Cat or Tiger.

– “indian country today media network”

dennis anver

JD Doll

JD Doll by Embry Blue
JD Doll by Embry Blue 2013

Squid Color is healing the skin, on this magnificent creature. Using squid and sea creatures for a color. This process is revealing the creature he must become. I tend to never see what is ahead for a project, until it reveals itself. I start with a coat of white oil based makeup, and somehow landed on doing oil paints. It is starting to look like he will be emerging from a gritty base, and he will no longer be a full-bodied human as imagined. Oh, dear what is happening….