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Sketching Sundays Aug 3

Why am I so impatient with the art process! I am trying to catch up with what I want it to look like instead of focusing on now and how to make it more perfect. Drawing two steps ahead, grrr.. I am stunned at how 100% of Virgine Ropars creations are 100% real in texture,… Continue reading Sketching Sundays Aug 3

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++†† ++ BEATRIX ..ºººOº* The French Circus RABBiT ++ ††+++ºº

ooooOOhh Beatrix. You Cheeky little sneak. This little Rabbit was so very lovely to make, I was so happy when she was in my hands. No plans on what going to become of this ball of clay.  I think I found my method. To not over think? Plan?  or hesitate. Just simply jump off the… Continue reading ++†† ++ BEATRIX ..ºººOº* The French Circus RABBiT ++ ††+++ºº

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RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012

"Stalking Cat" So sad to hear of Dennis Anver's passing. I am always moved by someone who has the courage to full heartedly put their lives into what they believe in. I truly believe all people should follow their highest passion, in finding themselves and living it. He was an example of that. After all,… Continue reading RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012