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Meeting Guillermo del Toro & Doug Jones <3

Meeting Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones was that moment in my life where time stood still and I could not be anywhere, but still in that moment. As if I were meeting for the first time, a living being from the planet that I felt home to. It is in these moments that I… Continue reading Meeting Guillermo del Toro & Doug Jones ❤

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EVA Pomun Numina…the making of

  Why hello. Eva Pomun is an offshoot from my previous work where I had installed a life-size Eva Witch in a Witch/Crystal store window on Sunset Boulevard in the year 2012. I have unfinished business with that Witch so, I decided to reconcile my feelings about losing her and other art pieces to a… Continue reading EVA Pomun Numina…the making of

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Blue Loves Grandma Petra

  The Importance of Grandma Petra. (Petra translatation=Hard Rock) Strong Tough Resilent Caring Cake! Her love transcends. Caring for all that are near and dear is her number one duty. On call, on hand for all. How many cakes has she created? There is no joy in her life like making a cake for a… Continue reading Blue Loves Grandma Petra

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October’s Sigil – Never Doll

This never doll had been completed in the midst of MAC work, arranging Halloween Week Makeup clients, doing Halloween applications, and setting up to vend my artwork for Halloween night! I decided I should still post this even though it is from October! Amazing October! So much fury, passion, work, and progress. This work starts… Continue reading October’s Sigil – Never Doll

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MF Gallery Group Toy Show – Brooklyn Fall 2013

Nearly a month has passed, and so much has yet again transpired. In wonderful ways and very very difficult ways. I have made another journey, from the South to New York again for the fall and winter. With my art and little darlings packed we headed on our way. Another friend of mine has passed… Continue reading MF Gallery Group Toy Show – Brooklyn Fall 2013

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How to demonize a baby.. a walk on the fun side of Fall.

A still and eery baby in a thrift shop here in Arkansas jumped into my lap the other week. She/he/it was sitting in a crystal cup, wearing a christmas jumper. As I picked it out of the crystal cup it began to move and play the song "Jesus love me." Of course! It must be… Continue reading How to demonize a baby.. a walk on the fun side of Fall.

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++†† ++ BEATRIX ..ºººOº* The French Circus RABBiT ++ ††+++ºº

ooooOOhh Beatrix. You Cheeky little sneak. This little Rabbit was so very lovely to make, I was so happy when she was in my hands. No plans on what going to become of this ball of clay.  I think I found my method. To not over think? Plan?  or hesitate. Just simply jump off the… Continue reading ++†† ++ BEATRIX ..ºººOº* The French Circus RABBiT ++ ††+++ºº


Welcome Ghost Orphans ‘Abigail & Georgie’

Welcome to "Honey Willow Orphanage" Where all the ghost children are forever young and forever orphaned together in their own magical play time at The Honey Willow Orphanage. Although they have passed to another dimension they are still happy to play together. Here they are together for a portrait. Welcome Orphan Abigail, she is the sweetest… Continue reading Welcome Ghost Orphans ‘Abigail & Georgie’

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Orphaned Ghost Doll “Hakidonmuya”

Introducing Hakidonmuya, which translates to time of waiting moon in Hopi. Orphan Ghost Doll Hakidonmuya was the elder of the Ghost children. She is quite different from the others in the orphanage as she was the friend of the children in the orphanage. She would visit the children in their dreams to play with them… Continue reading Orphaned Ghost Doll “Hakidonmuya”

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Orphaned Ghost Doll “Mildred”

She is finished! Her friends from the Orphanage are following close behind. .. stay tuned The saddened Orphan Ghost Doll Mildred is forever in waiting for a friend. Left alone in her cottage many centuries ago, she sat waiting for her parents to return to her. Later found by the locals and kept at the… Continue reading Orphaned Ghost Doll “Mildred”