Summer Days With Coo

KidsZone_Coo_CoverWhat an absolutely beautiful and moving animated film. My heart broke so many times through out this film. I could not believe how stressed I was to watch this creature go through so much human bullshit. Coo is the main character and he is a Kappa, which is a swamp river creature. He is so beautiful, delicate, smart and just so well done. The smartest creature I’ve ever seen on film, so very real. Ahhh, right from the beginning his father gets murdered in front of him. An earthquake comes along and traps the little  “Coo” into the earth. Centuries later a little boy finds him as a stone, and there he is. Aww, man I really felt for this creature the whole time. All he want to do was find his kind and find his home.

Picture 9Eventually he finds out what happened to his kind, of course murdered by humans. So, throughout this film he goes through adjustments and heartbreaking realizations.

Larry-6 700x950
“Larry the Alien from Arkansas” – Embry Blue 2013

I can really relate to him on so many levels. I felt like he was someone I already knew. I am very inspired to make a creature like him. Larry the Alien is like Coo to me. Made of the nature around him, weird looking but so harmless.

I appreciated the way the director expressed Coo’s perspective on humans.. In a way to show the viewer how the rest of the world might view humans. The ancient spirits, the animals, nature, these forces exist and co-exist – but humans separate themselves from the experience. As if to not believe they share a space. So throughout the film Coo is perplexed by the behavior of humans. Coo has in depth conversations with the family dog using telepathy. The general public finds him, wants to see him, expose him, etc. etc. Until he just wants to kill himself. 😦

I highly recommend this film, it will rip your heart out. So beautifully done. Summerdays_with_Coo river

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RIP Dennis Anver August 27th 1958 – November 5th 2012

Dennis Anver 1

“Stalking Cat”

So sad to hear of Dennis Anver’s passing. I am always moved by someone who has the courage to full heartedly put their lives into what they believe in. I truly believe all people should follow their highest passion, in finding themselves and living it. He was an example of that. After all, the most important things are what makes you feel yourself and gives you a place in the spectrum of mediocrity that surrounds us. .

Dennis Avner, who was of Lakota and Huron heritage, was famous for having changed his appearance with tattoos, implants, and surgeries and other accessories that included contact lenses, custom-made teeth, and false whiskers. He also was known to wear a large prosthetic tail.

His reason for such extreme modifications, he said, was a Native tradition. According to Shannon Larratt, Avner “identified strongly with his feline totem animals and in what he told me was a Huron traditional of actually adopting the physical form of ones totem, he transformed himself not just into a tiger, but a female tiger at that.” Avner’s formal totem-derived name was “Stalking Cat,” although his friends called him Cat or Tiger.

– “indian country today media network”

dennis anver

Creature A Day III ∆

"Tumm Tumm" born June 3rd, 2013. Redhook - Brooklyn, NY.
“Tumm Tumm” born June 3rd, 2013. Redhook – Brooklyn, NY.


Tumm Tumm

Getting ready to pack up and put the ole’ dolls back in the case. Here we go for round 1,000. But before I take off from here. I’ve aimed at creating 1 creature a day, but as time stands I can come pretty close to that. I lay before you a strange and wondrous creature. He was made when feeling just the way he looks.  Completely out of my mind. But all in good fun, nothing really matters anyway. 🙂

Creature a Day

Ceasar Le Bleu 2013
Ceasar Le Bleu .  born May 26, 2013

Creature A Day. I found myself stifled by the number of things going on in my life, with the matter of not having the time to put my thoughts into my work. Yes, Jonathan is still awaiting his next move, in which he will be getting a few props to play with. Oh what a demon he is becoming. – So, instead of feeling a bit of a lose from it. I’ve decided to follow some advice, and make something regardless. SO here we are with Creature A Day* Although, I usually ponder what is coming up next and where to take it. These little guys bring themselves out. I just don’t know where they are coming from, but they form between my fingers. And I must say they are quite cute! What! Cute, yes cute. I make cute. Yes, yes yes..

JD Doll

JD Doll by Embry Blue
JD Doll by Embry Blue 2013

Squid Color is healing the skin, on this magnificent creature. Using squid and sea creatures for a color. This process is revealing the creature he must become. I tend to never see what is ahead for a project, until it reveals itself. I start with a coat of white oil based makeup, and somehow landed on doing oil paints. It is starting to look like he will be emerging from a gritty base, and he will no longer be a full-bodied human as imagined. Oh, dear what is happening….