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October’s Sigil – Never Doll

NeverDollComplete3This never doll had been completed in the midst of MAC work, arranging Halloween Week Makeup clients, doing Halloween applications, and setting up to vend my artwork for Halloween night! I decided I should still post this even though it is from October! Amazing October! So much fury, passion, work, and progress.

This work starts with inspiration, idea, and layout.

Metallica doll 3

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Then we move onto the body….

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And voila Never Doll Complete! Loved these glass eyes, they make all of the difference.

I have been asked numerous times to remake this, but unfortunately this was made for a friend, and I can not remake this for sale. Due to the nature of intellectual property of the band and the original artist who sculpted the piece for the movie. Thanks for checking this out! Any other requests that are not intellectual properties, I will be happy to work with you!

Never Doll Complete OUtside 1 NeverDollComplete OUtside 2 0websize_MG_0506


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