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The Kindly Ones 

July 11th 2015   Buck Moon 

“Shadow of My Name” Menton3

Profound and the utter most brilliant channeled artwork I have ever seen was “The Kindly Ones” exhibit, this past weekend at Last Rites Tattoo Gallery. There are really no words to describe this pairing of artwork by this incredible collective of artists – known as ‘David Stoupakis & Menton3.’ I can’t pick one favorite or even two or three. I think each person will come up with their own feelings and interpretations. Describing what you see in paintings is like trying to explain your dreams. Really will anyone truly understand what it is you are trying to translate from a foggy mystical visual space where thoughts change the scene, into the earthly language we come to understand? I don’t think so.  

“Mother” David Stoupakis 2015

“Fortune Teller” David Stoupakis 2015

 David’s paintings hold a sincere and delicate beauty that bath in sheer veils of everlasting dark pearlescence. Textures pop into hands, begging for a lasting touch. “Fortune Teller,” takes my breath away. Am I looking into the other realm here? I will gladly accept and step into this world.


“After the Storm” David Stoupakis

Stand & wait for the cold static air to brush you into the waves of quiet chaos. Wishful levitation keeps you traveling deeper and deeper into the blissful grey. 

“Valhalla” David Stoupakis 2015

Furies hold penetrating contempt in nothing but serenity.  Look into her eyes. Translucent red veils. Phosphorescent red flame. Vibrating passionate “Valhalla.”

“From Blood to Ash” David Stoupakis 2015
“Depths of Shallow Water” David Stoupakis 2015


“A Justification” Menton3 2015
All of the most secret and sacred moments in adventure, journey and discovery brings these images to the threshold. Outside of the everyday rigorous world there in lies a world of truth and beauty. From the moment I viewed Menton3’s paintings I was hooked. 
“An Evocation” Menton3 2015

So of course I would come to the opening of “The Kindly Ones,” featuring two of my absolute favorite artists of our time in my opinion. In Menton3’s Fury paintings I see more of the in between feminine creatures. The presence of these figures reminds me of deities visitations through the dream realm. Ephermeal Pulsating with a common thread of justice.

“What Have You Done” Menton3 2015
“An Age of Man” Menton3 2015


“Brimstone of an Ash Nymphe” Menton3 2015
“Tisiphone” Menton3 2015
“Gaia” Menton3 2015
“Flood of Rubies” Menton3 2015


This exhibit is still on display, if you live in New York. Please take time to go see this in person. in New York and did not see this gallery exhibit at Last Rites, then you are crazy. 

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